A question you should ask yourself when setting up a new Youtube channel. I’ve got my observations.

  • Should I start a YouTube channel in English or the native language?
  • I have got my experience because I am vlogging in Polish for five years. And then this is the tenth episode of my daily vlog.
  • While choosing, you have to consider the possible audience you will have. The English-speaking YouTubers community is much broader, choosing to vlog in English lets you direct your vlogs to a bigger audience.
  • The second thing to consider is the culture. I have got my first comment from a Polish viewer after one hundred episodes. And I have got my first comment from an English viewer after 2 episodes.
  • In my opinion, the English-speaking community is friendlier. I think vlogging in English has more advantages than disadvantages - especially if you do not look for a very specific niche.