With all the productivity and project management tools out there, please do not underestimate the calendar. It can actually be the most useful electronic productivity tool you have around.

  • Why do I think that my main productivity electronic tool is my calendar?
  • First of all, my main screen - on my smartphone is my calendar - I literally put everything on my calendar.
  • To use the calendar technique wisely, you have to have this calendar installed on your smartphone, on your computer, and ideally also have it in the paper form.
  • Another important thing is not to plan the whole week ahead, but plan today or today and part of tomorrow. Plan only the nearest future, because life can surprise you.
  • Put everything on the calendar, have the calendar always on you - look at it, and if you have planned something - just do it.
  • In another episode, I will revolve around my other app, which I use a lot and it is called Quire.