Don’t be fooled by contrepreneurs that sell you ready made trainings to be successful. You’re not paying attention to the survivorship bias.

  • I am thinking about opening a virtual consultancy in the field of productivity - in order to increase your efficiency and lessen your stress. What do you think?
  • For every successful YouTuber, there are many invisible YouTubers, who also work hard - no one seems to notice that fact. The truth is that the biggest part of the success is just luck.
  • Do not get me wrong - it is not my judgment, it is really a con. There is even a guy that calls those guys CONtrepreneurs- the entrepreneurs who tell you what to do to be successful.
  • We are analyzing only the part of the population, so when I talk about being conned by those survival ship bios stories, please bear in mind that you are not seeing the whole picture.