Katie from #nosmallcreator group asked me a few questions - I answer here, because it’s about telling stories.

  • Every vlog episode that I publish is published with #nosmallcreator - I think there is no such thing as a small creator.
  • When I have seen Cody Wanner's vlog, where he explains what this movement is about - I suddenly felt this is something about me.
  • Katie asked me - what is my vlog about? Well, it is about my life, but also about productivity and minimalism.
  • How long are my videos going to be published? Till I decide I want to stop.
  • I am vlogging in Polish for five years and in English since January 2020. I am from Poland and I live in Poland.
  • My goal is to force myself to speak English daily and to be fluent in expressing my ideas.