Why does the modern office became a place where it’s extremely difficult to do meaningful work? Are coworking spaces a solution to that phenomenon?

  • Working in an open-plan office can make you sick, there is a lot of people and germs spread quickly from one person to the next. Ventilating systems also don't work effectively - we receive poor indoor air quality.
  • The way we work also has changed - we are working more on the cloud, with email and telephone. We use many management tools and applications.
  • Modern companies give us more flexibility and an opportunity to work from home. You can work from various spaces. It is a great alternative for people who don't like or can't work from home.
  • Technology lets us work differently. And if you consider an old-fashioned office it is difficult to do the meaningful work, because of the distractions.
  • More and more people like to work in coworking spaces because you can hide and be focused - think strategically. Let me know - what is your point of view?