2020 will be the year of video communication and marketing. If you want to create video in 2020, there’s no better way than to make vlog-styled videos. I share with you what is the best vlogging setup for 2020.

  • Do you need some kind of challenge in your life? - start a daily vlog while having a 9:00-17:00 job and two small children.
  • While you start vlogging, the first thing is to choose a camera - you should choose a camera that will be convenient to use for you. If I would have to choose one camera - I would have chosen the Sony RX100mk5.
  • I like to have separate cameras for separate footage - that is why I have multiple cameras, a DJI Osmo Action that has excellent image stabilization - I use it for my Polish vlog. And an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II that is big and heavy, but shoots an excellent image.
  • If you want to vlog, you need two cameras, a small camera that you can put in your pocket - it can be your smartphone, it can be a point-and-shoot as I use or an action camera, and then you need a very big camera - with a big lens that shoots an excellent image.
  • Today I am in Warsaw, and I am going to record the podcast with Natalia Charitonow, who is a Conference Interpreter.