I’ve been vlogging in Polish since 2016 and podcasting since 2018. Do you wonder what impact it had on my professional life? You’ll be surprised.

  • Vlogging has taught me that remorse is not very good, and all the goals that vloggers create for themselves - like publishing daily are just set for the creator.
  • I will share with you what vlogs and podcasts in Poland have done to my career, it might be shocking, but the answer is - literally nothing.
  • You can publish your valuable content, but you will be successful only if you will have luck.
  • Vlogging will develop you as a person. You will be able to monetize your skills in the future. You will force yourself to have ideas, to be a creator and to publish every day.
  • I'm also watching a lot of American and Canadian YouTubers, and I think that there is another mentality - people appreciate the creators much more than here - in Poland.